Titan Heavy Hose Polyurethane Foam

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Ordinary Titan foam 750 ml

• Technical Specifications

Polyurethane foam 750 ml Titan hose

Ordinary Titan polyurethane foam is provided in one component, is ready to use and reacts and dries in the presence of air humidity. This foam is prepared and produced according to ISO 9001: 2008 standard.

Titan polyurethane foam is very suitable for filling voids, cracks, gaps and pipe outlets. Sealing the corners and joints of the roof, walls and floor of the building; Sealing and fixing around door and window frames; Thermal and moisture insulation is another application of Titan foam.

Good performance, good injection pressure, good volume increase and strong adhesion to different levels are the features of 750 Titan hose foam.

Titan polyurethane foam has a very high adhesion to surfaces such as brick, concrete, plaster, wood, metals, styrofoam, hard PVC and hard PUR. The desired surface must be clean and free of any grease and dirt. For better results, it is necessary to spray a little water on the surface or moisten it a little before use.

It is better to use polyurethane hose foams completely at once, because if the foam dries in milk, it will no longer be usable.

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