Titan building polyurethane

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Technical Specifications

Urethane polyurethane sealant Titan building

Medium-modality Titan construction polyurethane sealant and adhesive is one-component, fast-setting, has very little VOC (VOC means volatile organic compounds. If these compounds are present in the products, after injection and use as gas It evaporates and may be harmful to health if inhaled, is elastic, and can be stained. It has great adhesion to most building materials such as cement, brick, ceramic, glass, wood and metals. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and its proper concentration makes it not fall when used on vertical surfaces and roofs. It can be painted and is an excellent insulator for moisture, sound and air passage.

To perform all kinds of construction joints and seals; Sealing and creating space between surfaces on the floor of the building, sidewalks and places where traffic is done, and sealing and making connections of ducts of ventilation systems, studs and faucets inside and outside the building are very suitable.

Retains its elasticity forever. No shedding or disconnection when consumed. Once completely dry, its surface does not stick and does not absorb dirt. No volume reduction. Easy to use and clean. Insulation against moisture, sound and air passage. It has the ability to paint. It has very little VOC. It dries quickly.

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