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Fast fix Titan assembly adhesive

  • Technical Specifications

Titan Fast Fix Installation Adhesive Titan Fast Fix is a kind of 1000-piece single-component hybrid adhesive that adheres to humidity. It does not contain any salon, isocyanate or water. This adhesive is recommended for gluing, assembling and finishing construction projects.


Gluing a wide range of building materials made of a variety of materials on a variety of surfaces and walls, such as: Concrete, wood, brick, glass, artificial wood, etc. Glue all kinds of wooden, glass and concrete surfaces together Installation and connection of all kinds of wooden bases and columns, pads, equipment bases, floor panels, ceramic tiles, etc. Gluing and installing all kinds of decorative items made of wood, cork, artificial wood, stone, etc. Installation and connection of heavy equipment that is finally added to the walls and buildings


Very fast and strong grip Maintain elasticity and create a flexible connection Ultra high adhesion strength Moisture resistance Extremely resistant to UV rays

Gan injection of Vito foam

Overview: Gan Professional Vito Foam Injection Technical Specifications Gan injection of Vito foam * Professional metal gun * Plastic handle

Houser 600 g polyurethane foam

Overview: Excellent filling High efficiency No bubbles and high density • Technical Specifications Hauser polyurethane foam Hauser single-component polyurethane foam

Paper tape

Overview: Paper tape with a temperature tolerance of 80 degrees Celsius • Technical Specifications Vito paper tape Specifications of Vito

Polyfix silicone sealant

Overview: General silicone sealant with excellent adhesion and filling strength and long life • Technical Specifications Titan Polyfix silicone sealant

Polyurethane foam 600 g Polyfix

Overview: 600 Titan Polyfix Polyurethane Foam for general use • Technical Specifications Titan Polyfix Polyurethane Foam Titan Polyfix single-component polyurethane

Polyurethane foam Gan Khor Titan

Overview: Titan titanium foam 750 ml • Technical Specifications Titan titanium foam 750 ml Titan Gan foam is provided as

Professional Titan Polyfix Instant Adhesive

  • Technical Specifications

Professional two-component instant adhesive Titan Polyfix   Titan Polyfix Professional Instant Adhesive consists of high viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive and activating spray. Extremely strong adhesion to various surfaces, especially wood, marble, leather, rubber, etc. in just a few seconds is the result of the work of this immediate and powerful product. This adhesive is used for quick bonding of a wide range of materials and even acidic surfaces and some porous surfaces. Suitable for gluing surfaces of MDF, wood, chipboard, rubber, most plastics, leather and other common materials Especially used for all instant and fast connections It has tremendous adhesion strength Suitable for use on vertical surfaces It has immediate grip and adhesion The performance of this adhesive on slightly porous surfaces is excellent and of course it adheres well to smooth surfaces. This adhesive is especially used for gluing hard surfaces that have a porous and uneven nature, because if the adhesive does not absorb the desired surface, a stronger bond is obtained.  

Storage conditions and expiration date:

12 months in original packaging Do not expose to sun or moisture. Store in a cool, dry environment between +5 and +25 ° C.    

Titan 60 second adhesive foam

Overview: Maximum power Maximum speed For all levels   • Technical Specifications Titan 60 second adhesive foam Titan 60-second one-component

Titan acrylic sealant

• Technical Specifications Titan Polyfix silicone acrylic sealant Acrylic sealant is a general, single-component, slightly elastic product that dries and

Titan Aquarium Silicone

Overview: Titan Aquarium Acid Silicone is a type of aerobic silicone sealant and has been prepared to perform connections and

Titan building polyurethane

Technical Specifications Urethane polyurethane sealant Titan building Medium-modality Titan construction polyurethane sealant and adhesive is one-component, fast-setting, has very little